10-year-old Bangladeshi’s communication app creates buzz

Mon, 2020-01-20 00:26

DHAKA: A Bangladeshi fifth-grader’s new communication app —
Lita Free Video Calls and Chat — has created a huge buzz among
local internet users. Already, 10,500 people have downloaded the
app from the Google Play Store since Saturday.

Ayman Al-Anam submitted the app to Google on Dec. 27. After
scrutiny and manual verification, Google uploaded the app on its
Play Store on Dec. 31.

 “Currently, Bangladeshi internet users are mostly dependent
on apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Imo for communication overseas,”
Al-Anam told Arab News.

“I thought we should have something of our own, which inspired
me to start working on my communication app.”

It took the 10-year-old 10 months to create the app, which he
said he accomplished by himself, without the help of any
mentor. “I learned the process through different YouTube
tutorials. The rest was just trial and error,” he added.

 The app provides better-quality, high-definition video calls
to its users. It also works for transferring big data in a shorter
amount of time compared to similar apps.

Al-Anam’s success at such an early age has surprised his
parents. “From a very early age, my son had a knack for
technology, and I encouraged him to pursue it. He used to spend his
free time in front of computers, smartphones and other devices,”
said proud father Tauhedush Salam Nishad. “I always supported
him, but I never dreamed that he’d see this sort of success so

Recalling the first successful test run of the new app, Nishad
said: “One night, I returned home from work and Ayman took my
smartphone and installed the raw file of the app. Later, he did the
same with his mother’s phone and connected the two devices with a
video call. It was the best moment in his life. He shouted with
joy, ‘I did it!’” 

Al-Anam named the app after his mother Lita. The young inventor
is currently studying at South Point School and College in
Chattogram, 248 km from the capital. He dreams of becoming a
software engineer and wants to work at Google headquarters.

His creation has drawn much attention from local experts. “We
should nurture this sort of extraordinary talent very carefully,”
Prof. Mohammad Kaikobad of the Bangladesh University of Engineering
and Technology told Arab News.

 “This new generation will lead the technology world of
tomorrow if they’re guided and encouraged properly.”

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10-year-old Bangladeshi’s communication app creates buzz