At Davos, innovative products point to a sustainable future

Fri, 2020-01-24 01:15

DAVOS: The World Economic Forum is not all about the fourth
industrial revolution or the rise of AI.

You can also find all manner of strange and intriguing products
on display from biodegradable plastic made from algae to wallpaper
made from recycled corn husks.

One stand titled “How do you design a tree?” is part of a
conservation effort where a single tree is designed to bear 40
different types of apple.

Another stand displays colored seaweed on a rack, showing how
clothes can be dyed in a sustainable, non-chemically corrosive

Propped along a large wall is Fernando Laposse’s wallpaper
made of variations of purple corn husks that are reinforced with
recycled cardboard and cork to create wallpaper and furniture. The
husks come from corn that needs very little water and can be grown
in the desert, which makes it all the more sustainable.

“This initiative helps the local economy as it brings in jobs
and a resurgence of crafts and food traditions while also ensuring
sustainability,” Laposse said.

Another display shows a machine that extracts pellets from a
mixture of algae and starch and is used to create a thread that is
the base of 3D printing. These sustainable, biodegradable plastics
made from algae are being experimented with in different

With the rise of deep fakes — a branch of synthetic media in
which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with
someone else’s likeness — another stand delivers a warning on
the looming dangers of unregulated software.

The Davos forum prides itself on its sustainability, and key
topics have included climate, mobility, energy and the circular
economy. Everything is recyclable, and participants must download
an application in order to keep up with the program and any changes
— a move to cut down on paper waste.


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At Davos, innovative products point to a sustainable future