Global Game Jam: The UAE’s 48-hour race to develop a game

Thu, 2020-01-30 09:22

DUBAI: With an array of festivals and events lined up this
season, there is something rather intriguing scheduled
for game creators in the UAE. 

The Global Game Jam is being held in Dubai from Jan. 30 to Feb.1
and will give fans a chance to build a game that focuses on a
secret theme — announced on the day — within a 48-hour
condensed development cycle. 

“Once the secret theme of the game is disclosed on the day of
the event, participants will start searching for the team members
and should immediately brainstorm and filter all the ideas based on
their skills,” Ahmed Fouad, a game development lecturer at SAE
Institute, told Arab News. 

“At this stage, the team will also schedule their sleep hours
and divide the work among the members — artists will work on the
characters and environment and programmers will start prototyping
the game mechanics,” he added. 

The competitors will have to create a game within a 48-hour
condensed development cycle. (Supplied)

Usually, the game development process can take years and so one
of the biggest challenges of the event, according to Fouad, is the
time limit and the fact that participants are designing and
developing a game with people they have never met before.

“But during the game jams we have witnessed fantastic ideas
and with the help of good team members, it can be brought to
fruition as well,” he said. 

Another challenge faced when designing a game, according to Anna
Tookey — a member of the Dubai’s SAE Institute student council
— is when to say no.

“Often, we will find an idea that we love and cling to it
thinking that nothing could beat this idea and it’s my ticket to
fame. Turns out your first idea is usually your worst, the more
times you scrap the idea and open your mind to others, (the more
likely you are to) find something that truly works,” she told
Arab News. 


Source: *FS – All – Science News Net
Global Game Jam: The UAE’s 48-hour race to develop a game