Understanding the Impact of Satellite Constellations On Astronomy

jrepin writes: In June 2019, the International Astronomical Union
expressed concern about the negative impact that the planned
mega-constellations of communication satellites may have on
astronomical observations and on the pristine appearance of the
night sky when observed from a dark region. Now IAU presents a
summary of the current understanding of the impact of these
satellite constellations, and considers the consequences of
satellite constellations worrisome. They will have a negative
impact on the progress of ground-based astronomy, radio, optical
and infrared, and will require diverting human and financial
resources from basic research to studying and implementing
mitigating measures. The IAU notes that currently there are no
internationally agreed rules or guidelines on the brightness of
orbiting manmade objects. Given the increasing relevancy of the
topic, the IAU “will regularly present its findings at the meetings
of the UN Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS),
bringing the attention of the world Government representatives to
the threats posed by any new space initiative on astronomy and
science in general.”

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Understanding the Impact of Satellite Constellations On Astronomy