YouTube, under pressure for problem content, takes down 58 mln videos in quarter

Thu, 2018-12-13 17:30

WASHINGTON: YouTube took down more than 58 million videos and
224 million comments during the third quarter based on violations
of its policies, the unit of Alphabet Inc’s Google said on
Thursday in an effort to demonstrate progress in suppressing
problem content.
Government officials and interest groups in the United States,
Europe and Asia have been pressuring YouTube, Facebook Inc. and
other social media services to quickly identify and remove
extremist and hateful content that critics have said incite
The European Union has proposed online services should face steep
fines unless they remove extremist material within one hour of a
government order to do so.
An official at India’s Ministry of Home Affairs speaking on the
condition of anonymity on Thursday said social media firms had
agreed to tackle authorities’ requests to remove objectionable
content within 36 hours.
This year, YouTube began issuing quarterly reports about its
enforcement efforts.
As with past quarters, most of the removed content was spam,
YouTube said.
Automated detection tools help YouTube quickly identify spam,
extremist content and nudity. During September, 90 percent of the
nearly 10,400 videos removed for violent extremism or 279,600
videos removed for child safety issues received fewer than 10
views, according to YouTube.
But YouTube faces a bigger challenge with material promoting
hateful rhetoric and dangerous behavior.
Automated detection technologies for those policies are relatively
new and less efficient, so YouTube relies on users to report
potentially problematic videos or comments. This means that the
content may be viewed widely before being removed.
Google added thousands of moderators this year, expanding to more
than 10,000, in hopes of reviewing user reports faster. YouTube
declined to comment on growth plans for 2019.
It has described pre-screening every video as unfeasible.
The third-quarter removal data for the first time revealed the
number of YouTube accounts Google disabled for either having three
policy violations in 90 days or committing what the company found
to be an egregious violation, such as uploading child
YouTube removed about 1.67 million channels and all of the 50.2
million videos that were available from them.
Nearly 80 percent of the channel takedowns related to spam uploads,
YouTube said. About 13 percent concerned nudity, and 4.5 percent
child safety.
YouTube said users post billions of comments each quarter. It
declined to disclose the overall number of accounts that have
uploaded videos, but said removals were also a small fraction.
In addition, about 7.8 million videos were removed individually for
policy violations, in line with the previous quarter.

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YouTube, under pressure for problem content, takes down 58 mln videos in quarter